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  Roberta Murray
  From a young age the medium of photography has fascinated me. The ability to manipulate the story by choosing what to show in the frame has made me think about reality and how our views are influenced through such manipulations. Society is continually being influenced on what to think, what to buy, or how to live their life through the biases of others; the media, entertainment, art, and even other people. How we share a story influences the decisions a person makes on a daily basis. Keeping those ideas in mind, I have chosen to explore how I can manipulate photographs to convey abstract ideas and visions, or stories from my dreams. I will digitally alter an image using photographic based textures, hand-painted abstracts, and/or colour. Or, I will explore the essence of an idea using motion, blur, or simply by deciding what to include or not include in the image frame. The choices I make in creating the images have an impact on the overall mood or meaning of a given scene. It is my experience as a fibre artist that has led me to this point in photography. I had one of those ‘ah ha’ moments while taking a fibre arts workshop on creativity. I realized the same principals of colour, texture and depth that are applied to textiles could be applied to images. To convey the idea of a hand, for example, does not mean a detailed realistic copy of a hand needs to be created in the textile work. Shape, colour, and texture could be used in such a way that the viewer understands the message is of a hand. I began to wonder if that same level of detail needed to be present in a photograph to tell a story. The ability to change the use of a camera from a technical instrument into a paintbrush to illustrate the world in my own ‘words’, has inspired me to explore the world around me in a much more personal way. I am seeing new things; new layers of reality, which makes me look at what would normally be considered mundane or taken for granted, with new perspective.