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  Don Beer
  I am a multi-media artist drawing and painting, creating music and photographic works, and writing. At times I have focused primarily on one aspect of my art, while at other times I have immersed myself in the various media simultaneously. My recent work is visually oriented with the focus on drawing and painting. While I use a variety of materials to create my art, my present emphasis is with watercolor, acrylic, oil, graphite, and pen and ink.

My current works are focused mostly in the Realism and Impressionist styles, though I like to express myself using other styles on occasion in order to challenge and stimulate my creativity. Always trying to stretch the boundaries a little helps me to grow artistically, just as pushing the limits is how we grow in all aspects of life. Through art I am able to expand and enhance my connection with the world around me and to share the experiences of my journey with others.

My work presently resides in collections in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. As a self-represented artist, any of my work is available through eBay. If you're interested in something not currently on auction, please feel free to contact me.

I use quality watercolour, acrylic and oil pigments, pens, ink, pastels and pencils on archival safe support to ensure my work has a long and lustrous life as part of your art collection.

I work from photographs, memory and on location, depending upon the subject matter. Wildlife won't sit still long enough, so for animals photos are a must.

I create paintings in a variety of sizes and I enjoy the challenge of creating ACEO (Art Cards - Editions and Originals) images. These small images (2.5" x 3.5") evolved from art trading cards by their sale on eBay. They are affordable, collectible masterpieces, created with the same care and attention as larger works of art. They fit in any standard trading card album or card sleeve, or can be framed in a variety of ways.

My educational background includes a combination of specialty courses and self-training in visual art, private studies in music, and music and creative writing studies at Queen's University.