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  Arnold Isbister
  Artist’s Statement - Aj. Isbister 1339-2nd Ave.N./Saskatoon,SK/ S7K 2E6 Throughout my artistic career I have experimented with a variety of mediums, styles, materials and genres. My work is always evolving but my creativity is always drawn from everything that is around me. I simply display the word as seen through my eyes. My art is not so much a reflection of reality but rather a refraction of my environment. What the viewer sees has been appropriated and/or abstracted from that which I know, see, and feel. What I see passes through personal “filters” and experience before it is set down on canvas or paper. In the process the original image may become skewed slightly or unidentifiable as in my abstract work but still in relation to my world, my two cultures and my current mood. What it comes down to is that my art has foundation in what is familiar to my self and from that familiarity my imagination has it’s genesis. Although I may paint from what I know or from experience my work does tend to run along a general theme. All of my artwork whether real, cultural or abstract projects the idea of impermanence; the idea that nothing is static, nothing is unchanging. My work is never passive. Activity is always implied. The play of light on an object, an object’s shape or the use of colour can all illicit this implied energy. Although the images are ‘captured’ moments in time and mind the viewer senses an undercurrent of energy as if the image could change at any instant. Although the impermanence, energy is subconcious when I paint it is fundamental in visually expressing my world; it is not physical but more mental in activity. I think this manifests itself in how I make eclectic elements “dance to the same tune” and some who “hear” may glimpse more of what was going on in my head than others. When you look at my work, you are seeing how I have been moulded through culture, idealology, technology and education to view the world in my frame. As an artist I am trying to find that creative element that will make you see it a little different than usual. I think my work creates a mood, evokes emotion and questions from viewers and that is all I hope for. I want my work to grab the audience and hold them, much like a good novel would, and make them think a little bit harder or longer than they normally would. It’s as simple as that. Phone: (306)-665-0396/