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  Vishal Misra
  I am a self-taught artist with no formal training in painting. What I aspire to create in my work is a sense of introspective psychology. Soaked in self-examination, I strive to portray the clash between the realities of life and fallacy of human thoughts and desires. Thus the theme of isolation and introspection has been present in all my work. It is a physical feeling that I have experienced, probably gained while moving from place to place and from country to country. In all my works humans are presented in thought, floating on the canvas. As a supplement, I also use different symbols and corporeal forms to render a message or depict a conflict. I am very much interested in how the eye (or really the human mind) perceives and interprets information. The fact that my work show people without eyes adds to the feeling of escape - to overlook the simplicity in life and to chase that unattainable dream. How often the information supplied by the brain is distorted with the past personal experiences and future desires which are quite often incorrect interpretations. Based on these desires, every one wears a personalized mask that hides the private self, the private face; antithetical to notions of 'true self'. My process begins with a faithful realistic image, capturing the idea in form and flesh. Then I represent my internal conflict by attempting to make it abstract and geometric. The lines are echoes of the past, the present line of vision or the future desires, which are resonate for all. I try to be the subject of my paintings to immerse myself in that life, examining and interacting with it. Figures threatening to disappear in the small details of the greater form is analogous to the feeling I have in search for my own reality. Each painting should have a deeper emotional resonance. I want others who take time to gaze at my work to feel something - to see a reflection of their basic desires, their own thoughts or their personal experience.