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  Dieter Picchio
  I have always looked upon creativity as the driving force behind things, a kind of motive power. That is why creativity should not just be associated with art. Creativity is needed everywhere. After all, without it, nothing would ever be changed, theory would never be put into practice. I am convinced that creativity plays an important part even in industry and commerce because mindless administration is counterproductive. Creativity and imagination have always played an important part in my life, although I have only some years ago started to fully concentrate on painting. As a multi talented person, there have always been projects in my life which have called for creativity – new designs, new advertising, new organisation. Twenty-eight of my designs have been patented and have found their way into industry. These projects had nothing to do with art, but very much so with creativity. But finally I have reached a point where I will be able to allow creativity to become the driving force in something that is closest to my heart – painting. Already some years ago I gave up my work as a manager in industry – to dedicate all my time to painting. At last I do what I have always wanted to do. It was simply that a dream has finally came true. Even during my years at secondary school I took additional lessons in art. My paintings were shown in many expositions and I awarded prizes and I should have enrolled in art classes after I passed my A-levels. In fact, a renowned company manufacturing ceramics offered me a scholarship, which I was unable to accept at that time. But now I made the dream come true. Although I had always painted in my spare time – landscapes and images, abstract and impressionist. I developed my technique and my style of “segment-art”. But now I am able to paint full-time and fill canvas after canvas with my ideas.