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  Norah Borden
  From a tranquil countryside to turbulent seascape, Norah draws upon her experiences to articulate a wealth of emotions. Her time spent in the wine country of the Okanagan, Alsace, Burgundy and the Barolo region of Italy gives her paintings a quality that resonates with the intrinsic beauty of the countryside. In contrast, the compelling black waves of the Irish Sea and the silvery qualities of the Pacific west coast create a moody atmosphere revealing the mystical influences of wind and light on water.   Her compositions are dominated by immense atmospheric skies, which are articulated by layers of undulating colours. By layering mineralized paints, she creates a luminescent effect that makes the painting seem alive, continually changing with the movement of light. The optical effects of shifting colours can be seen by having the viewer move from side to side around the painting.   On the surface, Norah’s paintings depict land or seascapes, however on a closer investigation there are hidden messages hanging in the sky or across the horizon. It is as if one’s own emotions or thoughts were projected onto an interior land or seascape. These intimate messages toy with the viewer, inciting her to continually change her perspective, from reading the words, to absorbing the expansive environment of the painting. While nature is the departure point, Norah’s works can readily transport a viewer into a deeper, more complex realm. COLLECTIONS Her art is featured on a Calona Vineyards Wine Label - Artist Series Cabernet Merlot; and is found in a number of private collections.