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Tips and Tricks to uploading your image files

Choose wisely
Choose images that will display well. Images with high contrast, deep colour, and which are more graphic in nature display better. Check other artists portfolios to see what works best.

Background colour
Select the background matte colour that best suits your images. This choice is located at the bottom right of your portfolio main edit page.

Scan your pictures
Scan your own images from slides or prints or get family or friends to do this for you.

A computer screen will not show your work as it appears in real life. Edit your scanned images to adjust contrast. Size your images for both pixel dimensions and file size. Get comfortable with a software program that allows you to make these adjustments.

Upload two image files
The small image is called a thumbnail. When it is clicked, the image will show a larger "full-size" image with greater detail.

In order to upload a file, you need to browse your computer and determine where the file is located. Often it is useful to save to your desktop . . . just browse your desktop to locate it.

A useful trick is to save your image with its title and pixel sizes as part of the file name . . .

  • Example of thumbnail file name: Still_life_in_Tuscany_150by190
  • Example of full-size file name: Still_Life_in_Tuscany_425by538

When you browse and upload files named this way, you have both the title and pixel sizes handy for completing the "Add Image" forms for your portfolio.

When a viewer clicks on your thumbnail size image, they will be reminded that the image copyright belongs to you, the artist.

Sort your pictures
Arrange the order of your images by giving them a "sort order" by assigning a sort number to each image.

For example, your first choice of image to be displayed is assigned "01". The second choice is assigned "02", and so on. This will allow you to arrange your portfolio images to provide both contrast and variety pleasing to the viewer.

Active images versus inactive images
If you want to change your portfolio you can disable images by making them "inactive". These inactive images will still be in the database, and can be made "active" at any time you wish to update your portfolio.