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  Featured Artist: Árpád Gergely
I was born in Bábca of Szilágy county, Transsilvania 1943. Since 1947 have lived and worked in my mother's native village called Csány. I used to work as a building collector and in the past 30 years I have been dealing with painting. My first exhibit...

  Featured Organization: Society of Canadian Artists
The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) is a national professional association of artists, and associates, representing all visual arts. Visit the Society of Canadian Artists

  Featured Artist: Maureen Mulvihill
For my original abstract slides I use color gels and colored foil reflecting it into silver or gold mylar foil. Varying distances and crushed surfaces lend to a twisted and 3D pattern. After scanning the 35mm slides into Adobe Systems' Photoshop, I often ...