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  Featured Artist: Von Allan
I work primarily with pencils and brush and ink, doing a variety of fairly realistic work inspired by a lot of comic book art and pop culture in general. I use a strong line with hatching and watercolour washes to add depth and tone to my work. I've r...

  Featured Organization: Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC) was founded in 1925 by some of the most illustrious artists in Canadian art history who passionately believed in the importance of watercolour as a medium. The CSPWC encourages experimentation while honouring the transparent tradition of the medium. Visit CSPWC website

  Featured Artist: Chandra-Li Paul
I am compelled to create art, and although I endeavour to create art that will engage and provoke the viewer, for me, painting is more about the process of creating the art than the end product itself. I paint what inspires me. Often inspirational images ...