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  Featured Artist: AJ Courchesne
I've always enjoyed art. I've graduated from a college art course which has opened my eyes to new types of art. I started in acrylic painting and drawing. Since I've been to college I've learned about sculpting, weaving, and printmaking. I love to do abst...

  Featured Organization: Ontario Society of Artists
Founded in 1872, the Ontario Society of Artists is the oldest art society in Upper Canada. Run by and for professional artists, the OSA is committed to the preservation of Ontario's cultural life and the advancement of the visual arts in general. Ontario Society of Artists website

  Featured Artist: Olga Sugden
Olga Sugden was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1962, where she received an education in textile arts, and later, book illustration. Her experience included textile design, theatre stage set design, and book illustration.

In 1990, Olga emigrated to Ca...