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  Featured Artist: Sean McHugh
I paint because I like it and all that comes from it. I resist the idea of intellectualizing about this process because it renders what is intuitive and creative somewhat artificial. I appreciate the critical comment or responses of those who view my ar...

  Featured Organization: Ontario Society of Artists
Founded in 1872, the Ontario Society of Artists is the oldest art society in Upper Canada. Run by and for professional artists, the OSA is committed to the preservation of Ontario's cultural life and the advancement of the visual arts in general. Ontario Society of Artists website

  Featured Artist: Armelle Leblanc
I paint in watercolor and acrylic, but also do pencil sketches. My subjects range from florals to landscapes to nudes. I love painting mostly in blues and greens. I studied art in high school, then went on to a college diploma in fashion. I have a l...