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  Featured Artist: Mary Anne Ludlam
I paint the world, not as it is but as it might be. My years as a designer have much to do with the way I paint. I respond to order, structure and balance, light, shapes and patterns - wherever I find them - in the land or in the man-made environment...

  Featured Organization: Ontario Society of Artists
Founded in 1872, the Ontario Society of Artists is the oldest art society in Upper Canada. Run by and for professional artists, the OSA is committed to the preservation of Ontario's cultural life and the advancement of the visual arts in general. Ontario Society of Artists website

  Featured Artist: Dougie Hayz
The Art by Dougie Hayz is a contemporary blend of absurd pop culture meets the technological age. Doug's art focuses on the more important things in life. Like what if OJ Simpson and Screech from Saved by the Bell had a baby with a high pitched voice and ...