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    Sean McHugh

Toronto, ON
M5A 2X4

    Represented by:


  • Society of Canadian Artists
  • Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour

Artists Statement:

I paint because I like it and all that comes from it. I resist the idea of intellectualizing about this process because it renders what is intuitive and creative somewhat artificial. I appreciate the critical comment or responses of those who view my art because I like to hear how others react to it.

I particularly like painting outdoors with other painters sharing the hot sun, black flies, cold fingers etc. All of this contributes to the story that lies behind any painting.

In the bigger picture, artists of any media contribute significantly to enrich the fabric of the Canadian cultural identity.

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Autumn Sunflowers at Tirnanog
Watercolour 22 by 28 in. (2005)

Tip Top Loft Fountain, Toronto (2002)
WC, 22 by 30 in.

Theresa Island from Monarch Mountain, Atlin, B.C. (1996)
WC (22 by 30 in.) Yukon Govt. Permanent Collection

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