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    Karen Lucas Bouma

Toronto, ON
M6R 1H7
tel: 4165359189

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  • Self

Artists Statement:

All my painting is an expressionistic painterly approach to colour while 'capturing the moment. The images tell a story that reflects events in the life of a woman and her dog.The series is also connected with a short story. The 'woman' in the story is strangely autobiographical with my own life, only somewhat embellished.Tthe paintings are fanciful in content and often exhibit humour.They are ' painterly' in style and sometimes the figures are almost cartoon like. I think of them as realistic abstracts.

Representations of my paintings are also available on cards.

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Dance in the Heat of the Night (1998)
Oil on canvas, 16 by 20 in.

Don't Go (1997)
Oil on canvas, 12 by 16 in.

Mr. Grief (1998)
Oil on canvas, 8 by 10 in.

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