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    David Chirko

Sudbury, ON
tel: 705.673.8043
fax: 705.673.8043
www: David Chirko Abstracts

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Artists Statement:

Whenever I have a concept of what I wish to paint--which need not be through inspiration, I must then decide how I am going to execute it on canvas. Therefore I find it propitious to sometimes extrapolate from prints of successful work I did decades ago. The main planning process is first performed mentally, sans sketchbooks, and I improvise as I go along. In the end result, abstract painting is not what I see, but what I experience.

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Upcoming Shows:

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Chirko exhibit, Above Ground Art
Beach location, Toronto, 2015

(No. 2)
At Chirko art studio

Chirko, at his exhibit in Ottawa
Photo: Ivan Basar

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