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    Edward Shawcross

570 Aberdeen Avenue
Hamilton, ON
L8P 2T1
tel: 9055287114


  • Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour

Artists Statement:

Inspiration comes to me through the everyday objects and experiences with which I am most familiar and intimate. Whether it is watching a hawk float on slilent wings high above a grassy sienna field or the beauty and innocence brought on by the state of dreaming in a sleeping figure, I sense the reality that lies beneath the surface. In the 'ordinary', I see the extraordinary. The commonplace becomes a fertile ground of imagination and possibilities, where that which we see is replaced by some thing more powerful and timeless. There has always existed a reverence for all creatures, elements and celestial bodies that prevail in the fluid expanse of air. While their relationship with earth is symbiotic, it is their power of flight, the ability to soar and their lightness of being that align them with all things spiritual. In our dreams, we too share that lightness of being and the ability to lift ourselves above that which we know to sail on celestial wings of fancy. Those creatures are angels and demons both light and dark. They are magical, mysterious and infinite. They are messengers who convey visions and dreams that embody the whole of heaven and earth. In an unguarded moment, a familiar sound, a recognized smell, an intimate shape can reverberate through our world shattering that which we know, offering us a different viewpoint. They may come in the form of a loon on a northern lake, it's hollow call inviting the morning to chase away the cool darkness of night. It may be the cacophony of insects in the garden as night falls, flitting from blossom to blossom, their invisible music lingering in the warm evening air. Perhaps it manifests itself through the dance of bats on twilights breath as they spin and swirl in the twinkling stars of the Milky Way. If we ponder these unguarded moments, these visions that take us unaware, we may discover a profound pool of peace into which we can slip, allowing our spirits to soar as high as the birds and as far as the stars while exploring the depths of ourselves.

Expanded Statement

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The North Wind (1998)
WC - 11 by 15 in. ($630)

Swimming in the Milky Way (CSPWC Diploma Collection - 1992)
WC - 22 by 30 in.

Night from Day
Watercolour 11 by 15 in. (1996)

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