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    George Vlismas

34 Axford Bay
Port Moody, BC
V3H 3R2
tel: 6044691388


  • Society of Canadian Artists
  • Sculptor's Society of Canada
  • Royal Society of Arts

Artists Statement:

In sculpture I admire the work of Brancussi, Moore and Hepworth. My work reflects some influences provided by African tribal art and contemporary abstract artists. I have a particular concern for the selection of materials for the art work. I also have due regard for methods of construction to achieve a balanced composition. Much of my work involves the application of geometric principles, while on the other end of the scale I enjoy a rich palette of colour and grain abstractions offered by the more exotic hardwoods.

In painting my work is, to some extent, in experimental stages. There is, however, a heavy bias towards geometric abstraction.

Expanded Statement

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Bronze, 26 by 21 by 9 in.

Laminated Hardwood 26" by 21" by 8-1/2"

Yellow Cedar, 17 by 6 by 7 in.

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