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    Zora Buchanan

105 Heath Street West, #8
Toronto, ON
M4V 1T5
tel: 416-963-5982
fax: 416-928-2159

    Represented by:

  • Archive Inc., Toronto, ON
  • Wallpower Art, Toronto, ON
  • Valenart, Toronto, ON
  • Uptown Gallery, Toronto, ON

  • Society of Canadian Artists
  • Arts and Letters Club of Toronto
  • The Federation of Canadian Artists

Artists Statement:

As far back as I can remember I have wanted to be a painter. Incredibly, half my life sped by before I realized my wish and could devote myself to painting. Colour and movement are important elements in my paintings. The landscape, gardens and flowers provide a continuing source of inspiration. Form is less representational, more abstract. This is a new approach for me and I find it challenging and exhilirating.

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Lilies on the Move
Oil 20 "x 20"

Bells are Ringing
Oil 30" x 24"

A Classic
Oil 30" x 40"

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