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    Mary Anne Ludlam

Toronto, ON
tel: 4162395949<

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  • Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
  • Ontario Society of Artists
  • Society of Canadian Artists
  • Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario
  • Niagara Frontier Watercolour Society

Artists Statement:

I paint the world, not as it is but as it might be. My years as a designer have much to do with the way I paint. I respond to order, structure and balance, light, shapes and patterns - wherever I find them - in the land or in the man-made environment. Hence my artistic work depends on the visual, rather than the emotional. The use of transparent watercolours allows me to express these images in a clear direct way. My subtle and unique colours are achieved by many transparent layers applied over many days. Many owners of my work tell me they find it restful, relaxing and thoughtful, helping them to cope with today’s stressful society. When I paint the world as it could be, I am creating a more balanced atmosphere for all to see and benefit from. My background in design and order enables me to do so. At the Ontario College of Art, I was mentored by Carl Schaefer - on how to look at the world John Martin – on design and grid layouts Earl Wilson – on techniques in water colour. While in France, at the Ecoles ‘Art Americaines de Fontainebleau, School of Fine Art, I developed my unique colour palette under the watchful eyes of the then contemporary French masters Professors Andre Remondet and Jacques Mottheau. An early reviewer wrote “Mary Anne comes endowed with a special ease for blending realism with the abstract, adding at times a touch of wispy eeriness to her landscape paintings while preserving perfect balance at all times.” A reviewer of my most recent exhibition wrote “This is great work, an excellent example of the artist making a great painting out of what some may consider very uninteresting subject matter. True art comes from the mind of the artist. Congratulations."

Expanded Statement

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Where McCaul Meets Queen
City Series Watercolour 22" x 24"

Change Islands Shoreline #2
Eastern Series Acrylic 20"x24"

Tea For Two
Antique Series, Watercolour, 22"x30"

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