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    Julius Griffith

Toronto, ON

    Represented by:

  • Libby's of Toronto

  • Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
  • Ontario Society of Artists
  • Royal Academy of Arts

Artists Statement:

It was up in Kilarney, Group-of-Seven country, a few years ago. Julius posed for me on a rocky ledge, his raw-boned head half-hidden by a floppy hat. He seemed to symbolize Canadian Gothic. .... Julius had come with me on a workshop to help inspire painters, young and old, who all happened to think highly of his work and respected his wisdom. Born in Vancouver 1912 died of heart failure in Toronto 10 November 1997, aged eighty-five. John Bennet

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Expanded Statement

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Empty Farmhouse
Watercolour (1982) Queen's Diamond Jubilee Collection

Protesters, Montreal Docks
Watercolour 26 by 34 in. (International Waters Juried Show 1991)

Sheds in the Docks, Montreal

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