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    Kayo O'Young

5737 Kirby Road (3/2 miles N. of Kleinburg east off Hway #27)
Kleinburg, ON
tel: 9058931176


Artists Statement:

I have found over the years that as I change and mature so does my work. For many years I was afraid to be too bold. I would guess that this was my oriental background coming through. am no longer afraid to expand and reach out. I want my work to reflect today. I can't forget from whence I came but I want to be forward looking as well.

Expanded Statement

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"Rain forest" series
6"w x 6 1/8"h 1993

"Rain Forest" series
13 1/2"w x 5"h

"Rain Forest" series
14 1/2"w x 17"h 1993

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