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    Roberta Murray

Box 8, Site 3, RR 2
Rocky Mountain House, AB
tel: (403)845-4689
www: Uncommon Depth


  • Alberta Society of Artists

Artists Statement:

Roberta Murray, ASA, was born in Calgary, Alberta. Growing up, she spent as many of her weekends and holidays as possible in the ranching areas of southwestern Alberta, where she thrived on tales of the old west and developed her love of western living. Art was a major part of her life during this time, and it was rare to see her without a sketchbook or camera. Roberta is a pictorial photographer, manipulating her images for personal artistic expression.

Expanded Statement

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Litmus Sky
Pigment Print 24x16

Memory Lane
Pigment Infrared Print 24x16

Too Many Irons
Pigment Print 24x16

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