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    Vanessa Fraser

Brantford, ON
www: Brantford Artist and Graphic Designer


Artists Statement:

I love the richness and challenge of oils, and many of my paintings are intended to bring out what is deep inside my mind, with the hopes of also reflecting what was deep inside the viewer's mind as well.

I am a graduate of Graphic Design Production, at Mohawk College Brantford Campus. I'll probably always feel that I am a budding artist even though I've chosen to earn a living as a fine artist and freelance graphic designer. I have a solid view of my future goals and I feel it's a promising and rewarding career, and in many ways I have already made some great achievements fairly early.

"Vanessa's work is simply incredible. Each of her paintings reflects precision, patience, beauty and appreciation for life. Which in fact only reflects the artist holding the brush. Her palettes are a breath of fresh air and her pieces are a joy to view." Janette Dengo

Expanded Statement

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Dr. Maya Angelou
A derivative from the book: "Maya Angelou, The Poetry of Living" Oil on Paper, 30" x 43"

Coffee Cup
Oil on Stretched Canvas 24" x 36"

Artistic inspiration
Pastel on paper 13" x 20"