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    Ginette DeNault

312 Silver Valley Drive N.W.
Calgary, AB
T3B 4C2
bus: (403)287-8568


Artists Statement:

Born in Alberta on a mid-summers eve, Ginette DeNault, spent summers in her youth with her family near the shores of the Kootenay Lake, British Columbia where she first developed her love and appreciation for nature. In 1989 DeNault began her formal visual art education at the University of Calgary. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the U of C in 1993. During those years of study at the U of C DeNault explored and experimented in the discipline of printmaking. While the imagery she explored was somewhat influenced by printing methods such as intaglio, serigraphy, lithography, Japanese woodcut and a few other methods; the themes were mystical and visionary in nature. After finishing her degree DeNault looked to explore other mediums that allowed for spontaneity and immediacy which lead her to acrylic paint, soft pastels, watercolours, clay and textiles. DeNault enjoys the challenges presented by working with various media, disciplines and themes. This consistent pushing of boundaries allows her to re-invent her art and herself. Her explorations have found her producing works that are whimsical yet revealing; telling allegorical stories of time past, present and a time that she dreams of, revealing the wheel of life in its various incarnations. Although the past 13 years has been spent in the pursuit of the expression of sociological and psychological experiences through human and nature based allegory and metaphor. DeNault is looking to create works that have a reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence upon first viewing. Through layering of translucent media, visual depth is created; reinforcing themes and inspiring new interpretations each time a work is viewed.

Expanded Statement

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Balanced Focus
Acrylic on Canvas 20in x 24in

Chickadee Burst
Acrylic on Canvas 20in x 24in

Visibly Invisible
Acrylic on Canvas 20in x 24in

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