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    Lavonne Jackson

Box 62
Czar, AB
tel: 780-806-1639
www: Unique Wood Carvings


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I believe that Mother Nature gives us the use of her Earth and Nature to make the best of what we have. In my woodcarving it is the wood that states what it will become. From wood spirits, houses or castles the natural wormholes are used to give the effect of windows, doors or tunnels. Whimsical Wood Carvings from Dragons, Castles, Wood spirits, Dolphins, Eagles. All wood is natural in color and no stain will be added to any of my items. There will never be two of the same. Some folks believe that trees have eyes. Have you every went for a walk in the forest and felt the eyes of something on you? They say the wood spirit brings Good Luck to those who believe? You maybe able to see the faces of old or the bird that sings in the trees. I only use the trees that Mother Nature gives and recycle as much as I can in my art. Wood carving gives me satisfaction of creating something different each time I pick up my knife. I hope to bring a sense of joy and amazement to people to who look at my art. And to make a statement that Nature is important to all of us. My creative life today is much more interesting since the diversity of the work is so great. Come see my work @ Northern Alberta Woodcarvers Association Carving Show Lavonne Jackson, Artist

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