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    Brian James

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Artists Statement:

I remember the day when I saw my first totem. Old… weathered… where colour still clung, faded as winterblown leaves… And yet the power of those images lit my child’s mind like the rising sun. They became my constant companions… driving my parents to distraction as my dream wanderings with wolf, bear, raven and eagle were duplicated by walking miles in my sleep. My grandmother’s gentle hand and her stories anchored me. She introduced me to the earth and helped me find my balance. I have found myself in many places over the years, and everywhere there were stories to hear and the chance to make the acquaintance of those who peopled those tales. Although the traditions of the Northwest Coast are my first and best love, I hold in respect the tales and symbols of First Peoples wherever I have found them. Always moved to share the images which come into my mind, I have at one time or another worked in most types of media. These days, the first form is generally acrylic on canvas. Sometimes that is all it should be. Other times it needs to manifest in stone and glass. Then there are occasions where it grows into another painting. An image is a story which continues to evolve until the story is complete. My grandmother taught me there is something within each of us that is our connection to the earth. For some it is people, others find it in plants, still others sing or tell stories. I make pictures as the spirit moves in me ... I hope that those who look might find in one of my renderings that which will speak to them.

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