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    Shirley Ross

St. Catharines, ON
L2T 3P8
tel: 9056856741


  • Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
  • St. Catharines Art Association

Artists Statement:

Painting has given me three of life's ultimate gifts: the ability to see, really see, the literal world with its sumptuous colour and form; the training to analyze what I see with the mind of an artist; and the ongoing motivation to create for personal fulfillment. I paint only what I know well, believing that good painting is really an extension of an artist's life. I am concerned with colour, light, and strong underlying abstract pattern. I aim for visual and emotional intensity. For me, the ultimate goal is to create images with power and with honesty to my personality and emotions. At present my major works are still lifes in which I usually incorporate items that have personal significance for me. I pay homage to the work of the hand and to bounty of the orchard and garden, attempting to make the ordinary sublime. Strong circular forms are chosen deliberately. My circles speak to me of the life-giving cycle of nature; they are a personal metaphor for family and femaleness, and they represent the Alpha and the Omega unending. I share with many artists a never ending-quest for knowledge, understanding and improvement, believing in the old Taoist proverb "intuition is the result of prolonged tuition."

Expanded Statement

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Watercolour 14 by 21 in.

From the Orient
Watercolour 16 by 11 in.

Geranium Planter
Watercolour 20 by 14 in.

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