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    Nicole Frenette

Toronto, ON
tel: 416-259-1434
bus: 416-428-7762
www: Lady Lavender Arts & Design


Artists Statement:

I grew up in a quiet village on the New Brunswick Acadian Coastal line, surrounde by nature - forests, orchards, gardens and of course insects. During adolescence, in Montreal my creativity was further enhanced by the rest of the world - spirituality, Goth culture, grunge, Art Nouveau, comics, photographs, fashion and Pop Art. I studied fashion illustration, colour theory, graphic design, and technical drawing at Rosemont Technology Centre and Academie de la Mode et du Design in the mid 1990's. One of the key elements of my work in the use of black, it is mysterious yet comforting. Inspired from my grandmothers velvet pillows and quilts. Typically I create both textured and flat, smooth paintings delineated by black flowing lines, saturated with bright colours. I see everyday life as an illustration and recreate it in animated pieces. I depict people, plants, and natures creatures. I create dreams on canvas, bright attention-grabbing art, A combination of Pop Art, Art Nouveau and Goth.

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Amy Lee
Acrylic 24" by 24"

Lady Paradise
Mixed media 11" by 17"

At the Fetish Cafe
Oil 18" by 20"