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    Veronica Roth

North Vancouver, BC
V7R 1S3
bus: 604 771 2749


Artists Statement:

Quite often I’m asked, "What kind of painting do you make or what style do you paint in?". The first question is easy, I paint in oils, oil pastels, pencils, water colours, anything I can use. The second question I’m tempted to answer, “I paint in my own style.” However by “style”, I know most people are asking in terms of abstract, or realism, impressionism, or expressionism, modern, old world. I would have to call myself a realist in attitude, that is to say I paint from the real world. The source of my subject matter is the real world, and everything out there captures my attention. For me, what is “out there” is a state of possibility. What I see “out there” I form relationships with, and I paint the equivalent of those relationships with coloured substances. Sometimes I prefer to think I just paint pictures, other people do the explaining. Art to me is like a loving partnership. It is total commitment and faithfulness. It is not something I do once in a while or only when I feel like it, rather it is a part of me every minute of everyday. It is not something I shall retire from; it is for life. And it is not something that gets old and boring, my effort and dedication will make it better. Some people are meant to become carpenters, other lawyers, I was meant to be an artist and I love it. I do not know where my art will take me, but hopefully it will be further down the road of learning and meaningful experience. Join me?

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