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    Jeanette Jobson

42 Three Island Pond Road
Flatrock, NF
A1K 1C8
tel: 709 437-6562
www: Illustrated Life


Artists Statement:

Since childhood I have created art, either in my head or in my hands. It was a natural progression to move into a more structured form of creation as I realized that I could and as opportunities arose to make it possible. All my work has its roots in realism and the challenge to accurately depict the image in front of me never ceases to attract me. My work stays within the realm of people and animals, with forays into still life or elements of the world around me. The need to depict people or animals in realistic settings requires attention to all facets of life around me. My medium of choice is graphite or coloured pencil. They allow me the precision to render true to life expression and detail. I also use watercolour to capture light and softness or pen and ink to make a dramatic statement with fine detail. I moved to England in the mid 1970ís where I achieved a solid background of art training and mentorship with prominent artists, which led to shows and commissions for animal and human portraiture. After a hiatus in art, and returning to Canada, I am rebuilding a portfolio of current work and taking portrait commissions for animals and people, as well as teaching basic and advanced drawing classes within the community. I currently live and create art in Flatrock, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Expanded Statement

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Oscar Wilde

Self portrait