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Dorchester, ON
N0L 1G1
tel: 519-936-4747
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Artists Statement:

I have been an artist since before I could hold a pencil or paintbrush on my own. My mother was my very first teacher. We used to draw together, her hand over mine as she guided the pencil or brush over a fresh sheet of paper or canvas. Throughout my school years art continued to play a major roll in my life. I chose to persue Fashion Design in college, however, the pull towards the Fine Arts was stronger. Here I am once again offering up my talents to the world. Watercolour is my favourite medium. The fluid lines and movement the perfection of the little "mistakes" that happen with such a fickle medium, all contribute to this unyielding passion to create works of beauty. To share this love of the arts with the public is what keeps me growing and stretching as an artist.

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