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    Gabriel Krekk

19 Hutton Drive
Belleville, ON
tel: 613.968.8722
bus: 613.962.8860
fax: 613.962.8860


Artists Statement:

Gabriel Krekk is recognized as a realism Artist. His work in watercolor has transformed from simplistic soft washes in the 1980ís to the level of dramatic attention to detail that has emerged in the past few years. The challenge that he presents to himself on every new painting is to create a piece that from ten feet away, the viewer would not be able to differentiate it from a photograph. How appropriate to name his first solo two dimensional show after the very goal he is aspiring to achieve with his work.

Upcoming Shows:

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" I , Pod "
Watercolor" 9.5 by 14 in

"Wait and Sea"
Watercolor : 11 by 15.5 in

" Off-Duty "
Watercolor " 10 by 13 in

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