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    Paul Mathieu

36 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5A 1S5
tel: 6048791932
bus: 6048443800
www: Web-site

    Represented by:

  • Prime Gallery, 52 McCaul St, Toronto, ONT M5T 1V9

Artists Statement:

My work basically explores th conceptual an cultural nature of pottery. It is not solely articulated around the production of pottery forms, since I also work with sculptural concerns both with ceramics and in bronze castings, and I investigate similar ideas in drawings and printmaking as well, but pottery forms are intrinsic to my research.

Expanded Statement

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Detail of Soil / Flower Vase

Detail of Trash / Flower Vase

Event Horizon - Pair of Tantric Bowls
Porcelain/Bronze (length = 80 cm) 1994

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