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    Adam Brandejs

20 Saint Patrick Street Apt 217
Toronto, ON
M5T 2Y4
tel: 416-506-1482
www: the sculpture of adam brandejs


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Artists Statement:

Adam Brandejs is an Intermedia Sculptor based out of Toronto, Canada. Educated in Integrated Media at the Ontario College of Art & Design, his work is cross disciplinary and grounded in its process. Brandejs is simultaneously a gallery showing artist and freelance sculptor running his own webdesign company. In his artistic practice, his goals are both clear, and yet contradictory. Brandejs produces pieces that while direct in their physicality as well as treatment, retain a multi-layered meaning that allow him to engage a wider audience. With each piece he poses a statement that upon closer inspection is revealed as a series of questions and it is only through this that we can begin to understand his work. These questions make clear a sincerity in his work and in the fact Brandejs holds faith in his audience. His work challenges us, but it is the knowledge that the artist is just as challenged as we, that gives comfort upon viewing this chilling imagery.

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Genpets Series 01
19 total units

Genpets series 01 (scabby)
Mixed media animatronic