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    Christa Gampp

Willowdale, ON
M2N 2J4
www: artist homepage


  • CARO - Canadian Artist Representation Ontario
  • Visual Arts Ontario
  • AOCA

Artists Statement:

I was born and raised in an artistic family environment in the small town of Oberhausen, Baden in Southwest Germany. Over the past 15 years, I have primarily worked in a variety of mixed media techniques on paper and wood, exploring the relationship of the inner, hidden realm of the subject to its visible outer world. My latest body of work explores the Still Life genre. The subject is arranged within the parameters of a colour field composition to produce a dynamic visual structure. Attention is directed toward exploring colour relationships and symbolic expressions. Within the canon of colour, the viewer is invited to feel the bipolarity of the sanguine-melancholy predestination, given to us in our cradle.

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Whom the Spirit Moves
Acrylic: 40 by 40 in.

A Time For Fools
Acrylic: 39 by 39 in.

Acrylic: 40 by 40 in.

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