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    Dianne Feaver

tel: 705-389-3424

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Artists Statement:

I have had two great fortunes in my involvement with the arts. The first was to have studied Fine Art under exceptional teachers, all outstanding artists themselves. It was their encouragement, dedication, and professionalism that encouraged me to "come to terms with myself as an artist and freely explore a mark of my own. The second was to have had a career as an art teacher. Many years spent guiding youngsters toward the delights of artistic expression helped maintain my own enthusiasm for self-discovery. My artwork challenges the characteristcs of line through an experimental application of color, composition, rythmn and repetition. This focus produces lines that not only delineate space but become compositional space themselves, that is to say, while they direct, construct and support the composition, they are compositions as well. My works “Collaboration” and “On the Foreshore” are examples of an exploration of the space contained within the lines - the space between - wherein a variety of brush and palette knife techniques move seemingly chaotic elements toward order. Expressing the organic or strucural line by finding that balance point between chaos and harmony is the focus of my creative process. I am also an artist in her 16th year of living with the physical challenges of Parkinson's Disease. I have not let this fact stand in my way of self-expresssion. Using any tool that fits, I move the paint around until it moves something in me. Over the years, the need for creatiive adaptation has shown me that I have not so much suffered a physical loss as gained an ongoing method of positive self-expression.

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16" x 22" oil on heavy paper

16'' x 16" oil on canvas

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