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    Patricia Ellen Oderkirk

Norton, NB
E5T 1N6
bus: 506-434-1431
www: Ellen's Expressions

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Artists Statement:

About the Artist Patricia spent most of her early years soaking up the sun in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. When she wasnít in school, Patricia enjoyed camping and hiking in the great outdoors. In the early 90ís, John Waite introduced Patricia to the three-dimensional world of sculpture. It began with a simple Plaster of Paris project, and evolved through clay and into soapstone. And thatís where it has stayed. In an attempt to pursue her newest obsession, Patricia studied under a local sculptor (sculptress), Deborah Wilson, who works mostly with Jade. This experience proved to be invaluable, and inspired her to continue with her unique passion. Photography and watercolor painting are Patricia's newest obsessions.

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A Fine Line