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    Krzysztof Zukowski

5 Elm Street Studio One
Toronto, ON
M5G 1H1
bus: 416-348-0007


Artists Statement:

When a piece of visual art comes with artist's commentary, the words often sound more like a sales pitch than an informative explanation. Perhaps, visual art, particularly public art (a deep interest of mine!) is better off when its meaning is left for the viewer to try to decode and enjoy. Besides, I think that most visual artists as such prefer just that - to use visuals, rather than words, as their favourite means of expression. This reluctance to add commentary to my art might be also driven by a distrust of language, which we repeatedly abuse; words are spun like children's toys, by used car salesmen and politicians alike. On the top of it, sometimes language resembles a smokescreen - used to cover up one's incompetence and/or a lack of meaningful ideas. I hope that my pieces will inspire viewers to pause and think about what goes on in and around them without my worded guidance.

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1 + 1 = 4
Steel; 9 x 7 x 16"

Even Steven
Steel (public art concept)

Hello, Jola
Sculptamold, wood, metal wire; 8 x 12 x 21.5"