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    Christopher Bjarn

Calgary, AB
tel: 403-589-7712
www: Christopher Bjarn


Artists Statement:

My work reflects how our society has torn appart the image of women in our society with the over-exposure of porn to our youth and new generations. A female form floats sardonicly on a popsicle stick enclosed within a Western Canadian Rainforest. The symbolism is the relationship of the popsicle stick and how it is merely a tool in the mass production and consumption of our self indulgent needs. Forests are torn appart for all our wood needs and what few rainforests we have left are also cut without regret for the means of continuation of consumption. The female figures shown are the reflection of how pornography has been tearing down the image of how a new generation sees women. My work is best described as verism, as Dadaism is longer a certain term used with a new generation of painters.

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"36" by "72"