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    Dan Blix

Box 85 6 Redwing Drive
Gravenhurst, ON
tel: 705 687-4555


Artists Statement:

Art takes many shapes and fills any container. Every creative problem requires a creative reaction and solution. From my pet portraits to my interpretation of a landscape, I try to render my subject through my eyes and connect with my hand. Occasionally this doesn't work, but when I translate correctly, and finally put my brushes down, I feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Art can be very personal and is certainly subjective. It is my wish that my efforts can reach someone like-minded and offer a moment of pleasure or reflection. I apply my skills to any of a number of applications, from basic painting, drawing, graphic design to digital manipulation of my work. The options are endless and my container is at least half full. Old friends and artists feel free to get in touch for a union or reunion of the spirit of Art.

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Dan Blix Self Portrait
Watercolour 9 x 6 in.

Belle Baby Pet Portrait
Watercolour 11 x 7 in.

Blue Ice
Water Colour 18 x 13 in.

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