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    Susan Rossborough - Westover

Gravenhurst, ON
tel: 905-336-1200
bus: 905-330-5806
www: Paintings


Artists Statement:

I'm a self taught artist. During the years of raising my children, I studied art books obtained at the library and was fascinated with the technique and tricks used in watercolor paintings. I just had to try them all. Watching the colour mix on rag paper was especially exciting. From there I continued to try other mediums. I wrote this poem to describe my feeling on watercolor painting: Pigment Water Wash Lunacy, thought I. To see the artist's soul; A spectral aura, telescoped; Conducting unheard symphony; Inspired by abstractions; Unapparent to the student's eye. Luna persuaded me, To see the spectre waltz; with sable, squirrel and hog. Tracing dancing steps With pigment water wash. Transforming snowy rag To still life Translucent. Susan D. Rossborough Copyright 2005 Susan D Rossborough

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Jamie and Hart
Watercolour 20 x 16

White Lillies
oil 16x24

oil 16x20