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Artists Statement:

It is my desire and aspiration to induce an emotional reaction to my artwork. I want to make you smile; or shed a tear; to engage you in thought and wonder. For that is how I paint - from my soul, from my heart, from my imagination. My work is a constant effort to bring alive the soulful imagery pertaining to matters of the heart and spirit. My works, whether they are paintings, drawings, sculptures, or intaglio prints, allow me to explore the netherworld of reality where I can be completely free. As an artist, I draw on the experiences of my life, the people I have met and what I absorb from life's imagery. My work comes from that subconscious, unfathomable pool of artistic imagination that flows from my soul, into my hands and onto the canvas.

Expanded Statement

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Village Woman with Chickens
Acrylic: 48 by 24 in.

Acrylic: 36 by 24 in.

Bones Stir
Acrylic: 48 by 48 in.

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