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    John Bartosik

2365 Mapleview Dr.
Innisfil, ON
tel: 705-722-4292
www: fine art photography


Artists Statement:

I paint with light onto film and through today's sophisticated technology am able to transfer that image to print by painting with ink. As a professional photographer for over 25 years, I've always used transparency film for commercial reproduction as a standard demanded by the industry. For my personal photography I have and still use the same for it's ability to capture vibrant colours, detail, and that magic light that occurs at certain times of the day or because of certain atmospheric conditions. With the advent of digital technology and sophisticated Giclée printing methods I have finally been able to do justice to my collection of personal photography. The resulting blend of light captured on film and pigmented inks on quality archival paper produces stunning effects to the viewer. I try to create a dance for the eye, enhance an illusion of depth, symbollically tell a story, that takes us to that special place while moving our ability to "see". "To ‘see’ is my journey. I am a cognitive, perceiving being moving through space and time (life). I acknowledge the essence of life, nature and it’s forces at play. Through mindfulness the hidden is seen, infinity is felt and my being awakens. To ‘see’ is to live, to live is to ‘see’. To share the unseen affirms one’s journey to ‘see’."

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Muskoka Chairs
Giclée photograph 13x19

Giclée photograph 13x19