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As a digital artist, I'm often asked to explain the technique and to defend the medium. While some may question the artistic value of a digital painting, preferring a more conventional approach to art, I look instead to the example set by my favourite artist Henri Matisse. Matisse was labeled a Fauvist - a term of derision meaning "wild beast" - for his orgiastic use of colour. Yet despite public outrage he, like scores of artists before him, continued to push the boundaries of art and to challenge the status quo. Such is the nature of art; it is always evolving to reflect, defy and even change societal beliefs. Although materials and styles vary, artists continue to share such constants as a flair for aesthetics, a good eye for composition and an ability to communicate via form and colour. The marriage of technology and art does not lessen the merit of its offspring; indeed, a digital painting is a work of art.

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Fishing Shacks
Digital Painting

Row Boats
Digital Painting

Digital Painting

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