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    Michael Sillers

26 Gatwick Ave
Toronto, ON
M4C 1W3
tel: 416-698-1171
www: Pollydude


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Artists Statement:

The work is a collection of the artifacts that are produced as a part of our daily lives in an urban environment. They show the effect we have and how the environment attempts to cope, sometimes with a result more beautiful than we could expect, taking into account the ugliness of the ingredients. Yet each has a message of its own, reaching deeply into our own subconscious to bring out what we really feel. The process is somewhat more physical than basic digital photography and manipulation. Initially, the work is cropped for content and composition. Some of the pieces may be slightly enhanced in terms of colour, brightness or contrast but generally, there is little digital enhancement. The work is then printed on thermal transfer paper, producing an effect that serves to merge the manufactured with the natural, producing an organic feel and bringing out colours and moods. The image is then scanned back into the computer for final printing on archival quality watercolour paper which is laminated for protection.

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Hair Tie on an Iron Post

Orange Fence

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