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    Mohamed Hagelamin

Toronto, ON
M6H 3J1
www: Mohamed Hagelamin Gallery


Artists Statement:

In writing an ĎArtist Statementí, one canít help but get entangled in the definition. Can there be a single statement so profound as to describe the artist as a being? Can the essence of artistic creation as a whole survive the battering of verbal translation? Self-awareness requires the ability to imagine and dream. More so to a person engaged in a process of artistic creation. To articulate in words a visual aesthetic experience is to script the dream and border the reach of the image. No longer would the forms exist as a living thing, nor would colours convey the complexities of which they speak. With that in mind, my task shifts to the motives and forces urging me to paint. Art brings me closer to the original man. It frees the unknowable from the face of the canvas, and provides me a search for the Adam within. It is in that search that I find my artistic calling

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Coffee Machine
Oil on Canvas 36"x36"

Oil on Canvas

Cumulus Day
Oil on Canvas 48

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