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    Linda Moskalyk

RR#4, Box 184
Saskatoon, SK
tel: 306-934-7156
www: Linda Moskalyk Original Watercolors


Artists Statement:

“Visual art is communication. My goal is to be expressive enough through painting to provide an emotional connection for the viewer.

Watercolor is the medium that I like to work with because I am attracted to its clarity, unpredictable nature, and translucent color. I am primarily a self-taught artist but continue to grow and learn new skills through classes and workshops. My exploration of watercolor has led to a style that combines realism with softer obscure features and transformed color. I have a strong preference for Mediterranean blues and natural greens.

The themes I am inspired by are found in nature and the landscape. The subject matter originates from observations in my travels and the photos that I take for reference material. I often change the colors as well as introduce or eliminate items to create a new design and composition. I need to become intimate and familiar with a subject in order to paint the inner meaning of what I see. My occupation as an arborist has given me an appreciation of trees and they are often the subject of my work. For a number of years this focus on trees has led me to explore their relationship with the surroundings and landscape in which they live and grow. The cast shadows, unusual forms and vibrant color contrasts in their environment provide material and visual information that I need to create the image.

A lot of energy goes into a painting. It’s not always easy to paint what I see and feel. Visualizing, preplanning, composing, and the actual process of painting are only accomplished with self – discipline and plenty of focus. God provides the intricacies of nature. My job is to capture and record the beauty in some of that.”

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Stained Glass Forest
Watercolor: 21" x 15"

Soul of a Tree
Watercolor: 25" x 20" Framed