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    Sandra Betts

993 Seacliffe Dr.
Saint John, NB
E2M 3G1
tel: 506 672-4636
www: Sandra's Website


Artists Statement:

Renaissance is a record of the healing processes through which I have been travelling. Three years ago I was forced by medical reasons to take an early retirement from my career as a registered nurse. Since I have always been interested in the visual and textural arts and have been sewing since childhood, I decided to concentrate on textiles, art and design as an outlet for my creative urges. The opportunity to use my sewing ability to create works of art has been my driving force. I am not a political person nor do I have strong feelings re many current controversial issues such as the ecology, feminine issues, etc. Therefore most of my work is intensely personal. I am particularly inspired by nature, whimsy, my origins, personal inspirations and mythology as themes. Renaissance is a direct result of works produced as the reaction of my feelings to my enforced retirement from professional nursing. Nature has been one of the most compelling of my inspirations. I see natural elements in all its glory wherever fabric tells me it is. Mother Nature has been a great healing influence on me. The sea especially has greatly influenced my work. There is great tranquility and peace in the salt waters surrounding us. Because fabric "talks" to me, my inspiration comes from the sight and feel of the fabrics, colours and textures whether it be fabric, wood, stone, feathers or whatever. I am influenced by colours and textures that demand to be placed in a piece of work -- work that comes to life at its own command. I prefer to use a variety of quilting techniques and unorthodox quilting fabrics in the pieces that I construct. I use many varied techniques such as fabric manipulation, transparencies and layering, surface embellishments, machine embroidery and free-motion thread painting, fabric painting. I hand dye or paint much of the fabric used in my work to obtain the desired effect. My work is mainly done by sewing machine but incorporates many hand and hard elements. All my works are original in design and interpretation with no outside influences. They are original in conception, design and execution. I produce art quilts, quilts, wearable art, custom designed clothing and home decor. I do commissioned articles as well. I sometimes incorporate computerized embroidery designs as I would incorporate a feather or stone if it is appropriate to the work. Sandra Betts, March, 2001

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Autumn Blaze
Fibre Art: 13 by 24 in.