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    Georgette Bourgeois

Moncton, NB
bus: 506-384-2491


Artists Statement:

I am an Acadian artist and l'Acadie is like the warm, flowing movement of the wind in the grass of my paintings. My artistic approach is a process of personal rechearch that identifies me as a modern Acadian woman. I often wanted to explore photography as my father did;however, I did not like the technical side of the profession. I only liked the the angles, the lighting and the magic of the photo developing in front of my eyes when I was in my father's dark room. I preferred my mother's oil paints. I now create with great love like a photographer, but I go much further than a photographer by works of a figurative nature with there poetic titles that show the spirit of l'Acadie.

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L'émulsion craquelée du phare
oil 18x24