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    Kristin Bennett

bus: 514.254.7131 #4044


Artists Statement:

Watercolour is my chosen medium because it is immediate, visually satisfying, and produces vivid results very quickly. Colour is my passion. I mix my palate using the 3 primary colours plus sepia. It adds a freshness to my work and allows me to control the values. I paint on location and sometimes spent 4-6 hours without a break. I travel light with a portable easel, light board for my paper and a plastic palate for mixing colour. I use 2 large sable brushes #12 and #14. I don't draw or work from a sketch. I lay in the shapes and values beginning with the highest values and then add in the darker shadow shapes. It's all about light and colour. I have painted on location in Mexico, New England, South of France, The Maritimes, Quebec, Antigua and Belize..

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