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    Dallas Poundmaker

Saskatoon, SK
S7K 2E6
tel: 306-665-0396
www: Dallas Poundmaker


Artists Statement:

Dallas Poundmaker is 27yrs. old having recently completed an indepth 8 month course in the Visual Arts through SCYAP. He is the oldest of 7 siblings being raised mainly in Saskatoon and Battleford by his GrandMother, Elder Katie Poundmaker who has been a great and positive influence in his life. In his 'early' years Dallas was exclusively a drawer in traditional stylistic native imagery but with direction and support of SCYAP instructors he has developed his own unique style as a Painter. Although Mr. Poundmaker is an emerging Artist, his passion and willingness to learn will soon bring him to the forefront of Canadian Art. He has already been invited to a group show in downtown Toronto at the ACA Gallery and included in a new Montreal Gallery that will be opening a branch in New York City next summer. With continued support of the Moosomin Band who have donated for this show, his future holds great promise as he plans to attend the SantaFe Institute Of Indian Arts in Arizona. Contact Dallas' mentor Arnold Isbister(665-0396) with any enquiries regarding exhibitions, commissions, purchases and/or publishing.

Expanded Statement

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Beat Street

Breaking Bronc

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