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    Susana Goldin

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Artists Statement:

I have always had a special interest in early century photography. Those mysterious images transport me to another time where a feeling of nostalgia and their impenetrable atmosphere have played a most important part in influencing my work. I have been inspired by the enigma of the characters’ lives represented in these old photos and the ambience that surrounded them. By recreating the space that once belonged to these beings, I recover their past. I revive the memories and poetic essence that was lost in the photographic albums of reminiscence. I am creating my own album of memories with elements of nostalgia and fantasy. I surround my characters with objects that could have belonged to them in another time and bring them back to our reality. This creative process renews their presence providing them with a new atmosphere, a new reality, a new beginning. My work is a continuous challenge to me as I imagine the lives of the characters shown in my pictures and I create their new existences. Each picture is more like telling a story with different variables. A story that could be part true or part fiction, a story that consistently guides my imagination to another story, to another story…

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Mixed Media, Acrilic, Pastel and Collage on Paper: 39x26 in

Mixed Media, Acrilic, Pastel and Collage on Paper :19x25 in

Mixed Media - Acrilic, pastel and collages on paper : 19x25 in

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