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    Agnieszka Rudnicki

Toronto, ON
www: Agnieszka Rudnicki

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Artists Statement:

My painting... my journey is one of exploration, of creating tension and calming it just to stir it up again. For the painting to be true it has to essentially paint itself. A single splash of colour can overwhelm and acquire meaning that must be contested or embraced, brought forth or destroyed, buried. The process is one of exploration, and is always directed by the work. Disturbances arise and must be addressed, solutions lead to new challenges. The work itself can change dramatically before its final completion. Momentary gestures, layers of colour and textured surfaces become a map of the emotions which compile to complete the painting. The resulting stratum leads to a feeling of depth and timelessness, the vastness of possibilities contained within a resolution. The work aims to appeal directly to the sense of cognition. It is my aim to search for beauty that transfixes, a beauty that enlivens through acute perception. I strive for depiction of stillness and movement, tension and peace, it is through contrast that I try to address the question of beauty. The painting is finished when it can go no further.

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Inner Scapes 2
mixed media 36" x 48"