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    Jacek Rudnicki

Toronto, ON
www: Jacek Rudnicki Fine Art

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Artists Statement:

I must admit that artist statements are something of a problem for me. Just as I find titles to be subjective and thus potentially limiting in respect to the work, I am likewise reluctant to claim being an avatar or an ambassador of some lofty criticism or idea. As I paint I am not trying to imbue the work with hidden messages or symbolic ideas, in fact as I paint I often lose all sense of time or circumstance. I am at a loss to explain it but the more I try to preconceive a piece the less real it seems and usually a struggle ensues by which I ultimately end up altering the preconception. In essence what I am saying is that what interests me in the paintings is the act of creation, what I love about abstract or non objective work is that it exists in itself without outside reference to anything other than my other work. The ideas I gravitate to which could be said to underlay the work in general are ideas of existence, of thresholds into uncertainty, of the many variables that form a nexus for any given moment or occurrence.

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once removed 3
mixed media 48" x 48"